Pop up

Le Montmartre offers plenty of options for a pop up in your office!

Please all your staff with some amazing treats, and make your working place unique!

Savoury crepe (prepared in your office & served hot) £6.90 per person

Treat all your staff with a hot savoury crepe for breakfast or lunch. Each staff can choose from Britanny crepes (with flour) or Buckwheat crepes (gluten free & vegan).

Filling options:
Ham & cheese
Mushroom & cheese
Tomato and cheese
(vegan cheese available for all crepes)

Sweet crepe (prepared in your office & served hot) £4.90 per person

Each staff can choose which filling for their sweet britanny crepe from: 

Lemon & sugar
Strawberry jam
Extra fresh fruits (strawberries or banana @£1 per crepe)
Extra whipped cream (£1 per crepe)

 Chocolate fountain £5.90 per person

There is always a good reason to offer a chocolate fountain for your staff:  Easter, Christmas, or just a company announcement.
Our chocolate fountain comes with plenty of strawberries, marshmallows and mini waffles.

We can even offer a vegan option with our delicious dark chocolate.

 Smoothie & juice bar station £5.90 per person

All your staff can enjoy their favourite juice and smoothie. Of course, our team can advise about the best Montmartre smoothies.

Plenty of ingredients are available, including: Orange, apple, carrot, mango, Kale, spinach, cucumber, kiwi, lime, ginger, celery, banana, almond milk, honey, strawberries, yoghurt, avocado, medjool dates, chia, nuts and many more

Ice cream station £4.90 per person

No need to wait for the summer!
Our team can come and serve some delicious ice-creams all year long. You can choose up to 3 different flavour for your cone or pot.

We only select the best ingredients for our ice-cream, so you can indulge yourself with all these flavours: 
Madagascar vanilla, Peru chocolate, strawberry, pistachio, Caramel & pecan, Lemon sorbet and more!

 Soup station £5.90 per person

There is nothing better than a soup to warm up our hearts and the working atmorphere.

Each staff can choose from at least 3 options made with the best seasonal ingredients (includes vegan and gluten free options)

Each portion is provided with a delicious roll freshly baked at Le Montmartre. 

Office barbecue £9.90 per person

If your office has a rooftop or a courtyard, this is the best treat for your team ever!

Enjoy an unforgettable lunch under the sun, with a selection of 3 kind of meats & roasted vegetables (Halal & vegan options are also available). 

Cheese fondue £9.90 per person

Everyone loves cheese, and Le Montmartre will be pleased to bake the prefect bread to serve it with the fondue. 

We even have a vegan cheese option, and some gluten free bread, so all the team can enjoy this great time together!

Like every year, we have made thousands of crepes for Pancake day, and served them in many offices across London! Click below to see our video