At Le Montmartre,  we thought of helping you to have the best April fool’s day of your life. In our office catering company, April Fool’s is one of the funniest days of the year. Let me share with you how to make it right!

Still no prank to pull on your colleagues for April Fool’s in your office

No worries, you can now check our list of the 10 best harmful pranks to pull on your colleagues in the office. With staff being just back in the office, and happy to see each other again, it is the perfect time for friendly pranks.

And obviously, no need to wait for a corporate event to prank people, you can also try them on your friends!

1st one :

  • Choose a funny background while having a zoom meeting with your colleagues, you are going to be sure that everyone is going to be laughing, especially during a serious moment!

2nd one :

  • The dad joke game. How can you celebrate April Fool’s without a few dad jokes!? Impossible! Prepare your favourite jokes on a paper, the first one to laugh loses and has to pay for a delicious Le Montmartre’s lunch platter.

3rd one : 

  • Ask everyone in the office to call your favourite colleague by someone else’s name all day long, I promise everyone is going to play the game! You can even call them by the office manager’s name and ask if everything is in order for today’s breakfast and lunch meetings.

4th one : 

  • For this one you will need a bit more ressources!  Put a balloon between the door and the wall with a stick so that when you open it the balloon pops, jumps and laughs guaranteed ! Here is what it should look like : (add a photo)

5th one : 

  • Create an office meeting in everyone’s agenda for a fake event such as “Emily’s departure” or “office lunch”, everyone is going to question themselves, set the date of the event to the same day, so people are going to think they forgot the event!

6th one :

  • Record your cat/dog meowing/barking and play it in the office, everyone will start looking for a cat.

7th one :

  • Ask everyone in the office to wish a happy birthday to one random colleague who will be out of the joke, you can even order a mini cake platter from your catering company, to push the joke even further.

8th one : 

  • Sending a love declaration over email “by mistake” to someone else, awkward but so funny!

9th one :

  • Replace all fruits with fake fruits, be careful with your teeth though… Don’t forget to order a nice fruit platter so your colleague won’t be too mad at you.

10th one :

  • Coming directly from a French tradition: stick sticky notes on your colleagues’ backs, let’s see how long it takes them to find out!

Make sure you don’t forget what day it is when going to your office on April Fool’s, otherwise you might be the main victim of the day… Also, send us photos or testimonies of the pranks you tried!