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Our cloud canteen solutions will help you managing all meals for your staff while maintaining Social Distancing

All offices in the City will face many challenges when re-opening in June & July.
Packing all your staff in the lift to get their lunch will create some safety concerns.
Also many shops will have issues maintaining social distancing, and may take longer time to serve your staff.

Therefore we have launch our Cloud canteen solution to help you with this matter.

How does it work?
We will create a Google Sheet for your company, which is connected to our Kitchen system.
You just need to share the link with all your staff. They can order their lunch before 9.30am for a delivery by 12.30pm to your floor.
Each of your staff will have his lunch packed individually in a paper bag, labelled with his name. So they can pick-it up and eat a their desk safely.

Cloud canteen